Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – Another Flower


Darla Records is honored to offer Another Flower, a new record by two singularly and sonically recognizable masters of lush beauty and minimalism respectively, Robin Guthrie and Harold BuddAnother Flower was recorded at Robin’s home studio in France in 2013 and was held unreleased, until now.

Another flower follows Robin and Harold’s previous work together Bordeaux (2011), matched set After the Night Falls and Before the Day Breaks (2007) and Mysterious Skin (2004) and of course The Moon and the Melodies (1986).

1. Some Smoke
2. Perfect Fire
3. Coral
4. November Day
5. After Dark
6. Pleasant, if Not a Little Deadly
7. Harlequin Delight
8. Very Slender Homage
9. Beau, as in Beaumont

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