Hey, Clockface! The new Elvis Costello album is out…

If Elvis Costello’s 33rd studio album sounds a bit all over the place, that’s because that’s where it was recorded.

Excerpts from the first promos and reviews.

“Hey Clockface, recorded and brought to life in Helsinki, Paris and New York, and mixed by Sebastian Krys in Los Angeles, shows that – everything that we think is expected of Elvis Costello  – is wrong. It’s
romantic, it’s confusing, it’s intimate, it’s eerie – but above all, it’s exhilarating.” – The Line of Best Fit.

“From “Almost Blue” to “North” to “Wise Up Ghost” (to name but a few examples), a restless eclecticism has been one of the hallmarks of Elvis Costello’s career. His new album, “Hey Clockface,” distills that chameleonic proclivity into a single outing. Its eclecticism is rooted in the way in which its songs came to be.” – The Boston Globe.

“I Do (Zula’s Song)” has a smoky jazz club vibe that recalls Chet Baker’s heartbreaking turn on “Almost Blue.” Elsewhere, the arrangements bang and clatter with a claustrophobic rage reminiscent of 1986′s Blood & Chocolate. “No Flag,” bursts with bitterness and bile: “I’ve got a head full of idea and words that don’t seem to belong to me,” he spews. “No sign for the dark place that I live / No God for the damn I don’t give.” – The Inquirer.

The 6 pre-album singles:

The album:


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