Spotify Musical Map of the World 2.0


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Music is a universal language — and maybe one with more variants than any other. To understand these nuances, let’s step back and see and hear how people around the world (cities and countries) listen to music differently, what they share the most, and more.

Click a country or city to hear its music (instructions below; full-screen version).

Navigate by dragging the map.

Zoom with the + and – buttons at the top left.

Click a city to hear music distinctive* to that city — songs that are enjoyed there disproportionately a lot relative to in other places. It’s a great way to understand the musical character of well over a thousand cities worldwide.

Click a country to hear:

  • Distinctive music: played there disproportionately relative to in other countries
  • Emerging music: just starting to take hold
  • Popular music: streaming from windows, headphones, and cars
  • Viral…

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