I see the shapes of a future art form coming up and I like what I see!


The future of music, the future of dance, the future of movies and the future of design and fashion are coming together in a new art form.

When you combine electronic music, modern dance, video technology and edgy design you have a winning combination for a futuristic form of expression.

Just as examples, the electronic music can be produced and streamed from an ensemble positioned in different locations around the world, the dancers can have robots as back up “swans”, the video projects can be beamed and mixed in VR and the scenography can be 3D printed and crowdsourced.

All these formats will come together in a new art form that is not a concert, not a ballet, not a movie and not a fashion show.

It will be a completely new art form.

You can get an idea about where we are going in this new content marketing project for Audi produced by Shynola and released by Louis Vuittons content marketing platform Nowness. The music is composed by Mark Pritchard.

But what should we call this art form and when will the first buildings be built especially for this?

They will be the opera houses of the future.

Oh, and when I listen to music like Tobacco, I envision dancers, video projections and space scenography in a completely new performance format and environment:

The dancers can also be dolls remote controlled by puppeteers!

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