Add blog. and music. to your domain portfolio and make them cool communications channels with human voices and great songs


By Ronnie Rocket, Signal Digital

When blogs first appeared in the late nineties, many people responded by saying “but it’s just a web site?”. Until around 2009, blogs were mainly one person, private affairs. Today, blogs are one of the most important communication platforms for businesses and organizations.

Not all companies have a blog, and some that do, do not know what to do with it. It’s not rocket science to put together a blog strategy, but sometimes it’s a good idea to get someone outside the advertising and consulting world to help you define a plan for the company blogs.

Running a small blog and social shop in Berlin, this is what I do. I analyze the company’s potential for input (do they have undiscovered writers? maybe photographic or video talent?) and create a plan for the digital output for social based on blog publishing.

It’s important work because of several facts: a blog is more dynamic than more static web pages, a blog is a better hosting platform than external social media and should be the starting point for your social strategy, a blog can put “human voices” to the corporate communications. The list is endless really, and I will blog more about the advantages of having one or more blogs later (see?).

Lately, I have been toying with the idea of adding another voice to the blog. A little sister. A content marketing channel. An experimental platform for Cultural Social Responsibility (note to self: I have to write that Wikipedia article). The idea has many avenues of thinking. To put it shortly: let the music play in a brand and/or corporate context.

Here is the thing: your blog should be as “human” as possible. Let the voices of the company (and guests and partners) be heard. Let it be a soapbox, a bar and a dinner table. Let it be anything you want as long as it’s honest, informative, interesting and eye opening. But what about opening the ears, too? What about adding some music to the brand?

Air France does it. Bang & Olufsen does it. Coca-Cola does it. Several companies have a content marketing strategy that involves music. But do you have a dedicated music channel? Probably not. You have launched your blog on the domain. Now is the time to launch your domain. Make it your own music channel. All brands, all companies, all organizations can put music to their business.

Our agency is currently maintaining and updating numerous domains with daily or weekly content. In the future, we expect to do the same with a series of domains. Set music to your brand. Show the world who you really are. Which song describe our brand best? This week, next week, make a monthly playlist. Hell, you can even open your own radio station if you’re adventurous enough.

I love Air France already. But I love them even more because they play a great song on their music channel each week. It’s high quality content marketing (they pick really good songs!). And don’t worry, there is enough music for everybody out there.

Here is the song for this blog article:

It feels better with music, doesn’t it?

I run the following music blogs: New Music United, New Jazz United, Real DJ, Real VJ, Classical 2.0, Electronic 2.0. They are all on Twitter, too. I am here and here.

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