Look at these Facebook Groups numbers!


Facebook just reported financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2015. Their quarterly revenue is now more than 4 billion dollars and they are set to surpass more than 10 billion dollars in annual revenue. Practically all their income comes from advertising. They don’t sell any products or services. You can read all the numbers in the investor news release here. (They do not post news on Twitter, Google+ (no presence at all) or Tumblr).

Mark Zuckerberg rarely comments on the financials, but prefers to focus on “the community” and the numbers around the users on the 3-4 platforms and the engagement including the darling internet.org project. Incidentally, they partner with Opera Software from Norway on the connect-the-world vision, but when will they buy them?

Obviously, the numbers are huge and Facebook is sitting on three of the Internet’s hottest properties with Facebook including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

When you look at the numbers it is also obvious that the three killer apps on Facebook are Messenger, Events and Groups. Especially the latter is the “secret weapon” and one of the most beloved components in the Facebook universe (even though it still lacks threaded comments and the mobile app is unstable). Facebook Pages less so. Updating Groups and making Pages more transparent seems to be the two areas, where the user experience and business development can be improved.

Facebook Video is where the action seems to be these days and Menlo Park seems to be taking on San Bruno.

In an effort to win over video market from YouTube, they have launched Final Judgment, a daily TV Show by The Young Turks.

Facebook is not a community in the traditional sense of the word. Facebook is the world’s leading advertising platform. Just to make things clear.

And congratulations on the pregnancy.

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