Wall Street is ruining Twitter


While Facebook seems unstoppable in the social space and Google+ struggles with a chaotic strategy, Twitter feels the pressure of quarterly reports and Wall Street analysts breathing down their neck.

Google is making tons of money, so they can take their time finetuning their social flagship. Twitter, however, is under immense pressure from the markets.

Founder Jack Dorsey is back as interim CEO and is expected to do a Steve Jobs turnaround for the company. It seems he wants to introduce algorithms instead of chronological flows (bad thing) and introduce human editors (good thing). The problem is their business model.

Twitter is an advertising platform like Facebook. But they don’t have the number of users to outperform Facebook. What they do have are millions of professional users.

They should introduce a premium subscription model with added features including a (very) low priced version for small businesses.

Their ad model should also be no-nonsense like Facebook, where individuals and small companies easily can run media campaigns on par with large organizations with media budgets.

Also, Vine and Periscope should be “de-mystified” and crawl out of the geek world into the mainstream space. They should be taking on Instagram and Snapchat. Head on.

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools on the Internet today and should be able to run a profitable business as a stand alone company.

But they are a treat for tech giants like Apple and Microsoft, that are loaded with cash, but have no presence in the social media world.

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