The blockchain is getting visual: Ethereum presents the Mist browser

In my previous blog posts about Ethereum (SEVEN TRENDS IN THE BITCOIN MOVEMENT, THIS GUY IS THE EINSTEIN OF OUR TIME), I have proclaimed that this company is at the forefront of the blockchain movement. The technology that is about to change all our lives. Some of us remember life before the Internet. Soon, you will refer to life before the blockchain.

The first publicly known project on the blockchain was the Bitcoin payments system and the variations thereof. Ethereum is one of the first to introduce new decentralized projects, including smart contracts. Now, they are introducing their browser project, Mist, which is a completely new way of operating with apps instead of standard web browsing.

This enables us to get secure personal ID managemnt, exchange encrypted messages, make secure transfers including third parties and numerous other transactions.

Also, the concept of Escrow is about to go mainstream with blackchain based contracts.

In this presentation video, you will see a visual demo of a crowdfunding project and a blockchain based marriage contract including the listing of a child that is not even born yet!

All aboard on the blockchain.

Here is a deck of the visuals from the presentation:













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