Just a normal bike ride in Berlin on a Saturday


In the weekends, I always go for a lengthy 2-3 hour bike ride through the city. I bike an aleatoric route, where I never stop for red lights but always drive through the green lights to see where I end up. That means I don’t have to stop for the cars and I end up in new areas, new streets, that I have not seen before.

This is what I discovered today.

I drove through a park in Humboldthain with a huge summer swimming pool (that was closed for the winter).

Humboldthain Stadtbad in the fall.

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Then I biked past this naked guy in the street wearing only Jack & Jones underwear screaming, “I need to get to the airport! Someone is trying to kill me”.

Guy in underwear. #wedding

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Here is a Google+ Awesome version of the photo.

During a pit stop, I went into a mall to check the price of a new dishwasher. Malls are crazy.

On the way back from the outskirts of Wedding, I passed this guy on another bicycle. Except he was lying in a sofa.


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Tomorrow, these balloons will be lit up and sent into the air celebrating the 25th anniversay of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Just crossed the balloon wall. #berlinwall25

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Berlin is a crazy place. Perfect for me.

PS. I am not a Foo Fighters/Nickelback fan. I took that photo to tease my friends that are.

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