The problem with Netflix


We just got Netflix in Germany. It’s like Spotify for movies. The frontpages are the same. Mainstream pop. I tried to dig deeper to see what the service has to offer. In order to do this, I conducted a search for 10 favourite directors. Here are the results.

First, I searched for the Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini since there is a big exhibition about his work in Berlin right how.

“Your search for Pasolini did not have any matches.”

Next, I searched for one of the most famous German directors and a personal favourite of mine.

“Your search for Fassbinder did not have any matches.”

Still full of hope, I searched for my all time favourite.

“Your search for Nagisa Oshima did not have any matches.”

Believe it or not, but these are the results from an Alfred Hitchcock search:


Next, I tried my director/screenwriter friend Paul Schrader (he wrote Taxi Driver).

“Your search for Paul Schrader did not have any matches.”

I wanted to see the latest movie by Nicolas Winding Refn, but this is what I got:


My sixth search finally produced some positive results.


Netflix Germany does not offer the new Woody Allen movie (but it does have three other ones).

It has just one Michael Haneke movie.

My last search was also in vain.

“Your search for Roy Andersson did not have any matches.”

I have one month for free but I see no reason why I should subscribe to such a poor movie service.

Too bad.

Good thing we have Mubi.

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