Meet Zhang Xiaolong, the man behind WeChat


There is a saying in Beijing that even if nothing interesting could be written about 99 percent of Beijing’s approximately 20 million people, there would still be 200,000 great stories remaining.

Meet Zhang Xiaolong, Senior Vice President, Tencent Holdings Ltd.

Why he’s interesting: By all accounts a mild-mannered man from Hunan province, Zhang Xiaolong quietly started a revolution, developing a product that has help make his company, Tencent, one of China’s most important technology firms, and started people across the world talking and sharing pictures on their mobile devices, all for free: WeChat. Multi-lingual and cross-platform, WeChat has soared past rivals including Whatsapp and Apple’s iMessage.

What he says: “When talking about development, most of us think of the technical side, but I say feelings are much more important, and most of us never pay any attention to them. There’s no girl you can take out on a date? The answer is definitely no, you just didn’t try asking any of them. At least you could buy a smartphone for less than RMB 1000 and then ‘Shake’ it.”


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