Google+ is now more popular than Wikipedia

The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index is out for social media sites, measuring satisfaction with Google+ for the first time against other social networks. What a debut! Google’s year-old social network had the best satisfaction while the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, came in last.

This is what most Facebook users look at:

What surprises me the most is how slow people are to migrate from one social network to another. Surely, if one is really bad and one is really good you would pick the latter? I think the reason is social media overload. People want to use 2 or 3 networks. And since Facebook was first and most of your family and friends are there, it is not easy to disable Facebook. The average person will probably use three primary social networks in the near future:

1. A network for friends and families (Only Facebook and Google+ will be big enough for that task).
2. A network for your workplace (Yammer, Chatter, Cisco Quad, SocialText).
3. A network for your personal interests (a smaller, segmented network like Mubi if you are a movie buff).

Where does that leave Twitter, LinkedIn and all the others? What will happen with the Diaspora project? And will the Mozilla organization enter the social sphere?

Eventually people will move to networks that are born mobile.

Wired also wrote about the survey.

Facebook screenshot by Thomas Bigum.

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