Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – Imposter (Originals)

Here are the originals from the upcoming Dave Gahan solo album.

‘Imposter’ tracklist:

  1. ‘The Dark End Of The Street’ – James Carr
  2. ‘Strange Religion’ – Mark Lanegan
  3. ‘Lilac Wine’ – Jeff Buckley
  4. ‘I Held My Baby Last Night’ – Elmore James
  5. ‘A Man Needs A Maid’ – Neil Young
  6. ‘Metal Heart’ – Cat Power
  7. ‘Shut Me Down’ – Rowland S. Howard
  8. ‘Where My Love Lies Asleep’ – Gene Clark
  9. ‘Smile’ – Charlie Chaplin
  10. ‘The Desperate Kingdom Of Love’ – PJ Harvey
  11. ‘Not Dark Yet’ – Bob Dylan
  12. ‘Always On My Mind’ – Elvis Presley

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