Rick Rubin talks to Brian Eno

Not many musicians cite design or architecture as their inspiration. But sitting in a beautifully designed German airport in 1978, Brian Eno was inspired to create atmospheric music to complement the space. His landmark album, “Ambient 1: Music for Airports,” followed, and with it, Eno created Ambient Music, an entirely new genre that still thrives today. Brian Eno’s 50-year career is teeming with innovation. He started out playing synths in the early ‘70s as a member of the UK, glam-rock band Roxy Music and went on to record a series of solo albums, eventually producing career-defining albums for a host of bands including U2, Devo, and Coldplay. His latest project is a radio station of sorts through Sonos Radio HD. He’ll be streaming 300 unreleased songs from his decades in music, including some that he’s still making today. The station is called The Lighthouse. On today’s episode, @RickRubin talks to Brian a bit about that station, but also about his love for the musical space that exists between humans and machines. Eno also recalls predicting the birth of hip-hop in the back of a cab with @davidbyrneofficial and explains why listening to @Beyonce through a wall is strangely satisfying.

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