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I grew up with Erasure. I remember listening to the music in town cars in New York City, dancing to the remixes in Paris, drinking beer with Andy Bell in Copenhagen and power listening to their last album in a kitchen in Berlin. ‘Word By Gone’ is a pop masterpiece in my book and amazingly this synth duo has been producing hits for more than 35 years! Now, they are ready with album number 18 and the first pre-album single is the opening ‘summer song’ of this party set.

Erasure is famously released by Mute Records, who also released the next three tracks in this DJ set! Track 2 is a techno single from the debut album by Canadian born and Berlin based Nicolas Bougaïeff, while track 3 three is an amazing MAPS remix by Polly Scattergood and Glowlines. The track reminds me of the underrated The Dream Academy and is just wonderful in the flow. The final Mute track of the opening quartet of songs is another remix. This time the legendary Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle fame and Gary Numan of Tubeway Army fame takes on recent Mute signing Chris Liebing from the Frankfurt techno scene.

The set moves on after this Mute extravaganza with a new version of a Joe Godard – you probably know him from Hot Chip – and Hayden Thorpe collaboration. The latest Thorpe album was one of my most listened to album in 2019 and it’s just nice to have his voice back in the mix.

Speaking about coming back. Black Devil Disco Club is all about that. And now the Italian mystery man is back with a new album. In the set you will hear a ‘Creepshow’ remix of the new single. Spooky and haunting synths will make you move like a ghost on the dancefloor.

TOBACCO is US electronic musician Thomas J. Fec. He is from the countryside and apparently a very private person that does not give interviews. I have always loved his experimental music and this track fits just perfect in the set.

Track 8 is a Japanese pop song. I don’t know much about it. I just like the song a lot after discovering it on my YouTube AI. I think it glues the set well together with its own atmosphere.

Rival Consoles is another one man electronic band. He is from Leicester and probably a Kasper Schmeichel fan. He has a new album out and I like the single a lot so I put it in here. His music is released by the London label Erased Tapes, that I am a big fan of.

Speaking of London. Romare – whose real name is Archie, I think – also hails from the buzzing music city that’s mostly buzzing from home these days. His new single is called ‘Sunshine’ and I flipped it and inserted the b-side ‘Gone’, which suited the overall music structure in the set best.

I am ending the set with another blast from the past. Blancmange began releasing music even before Erasure. They had hits with ‘Feel Me’ and ‘Living On The Ceiling’ all the way back in 1982! They have a new album out as well as a new EP. From this EP I picked an amazing remix by The Emperor Machine.

The set fades out with an ambient track that I don’t know anything about. It was suggested by my Spotify AI. But it is such a perfect ending to this exclusive catalog of great tracks.

I really like the sequencing of these amazing tracks. I hope you do to. It’s quite an adventure and works well both on headphones, good speakers and the dancefloor.

Oh. You want to know something funny about the set? All the music was released last week!

DJ set first posted on realdj.com.

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