Roger Waters – Is This The Life We Really Want? (Spotify Resequenced Version)


Roger Waters stated that ‘Is This the Life We Really Want’ is “absolutely” a concept album and said of the album’s themes:

The concerns I have with that central question – “Why are we killing the children?” – are still there. I’m still deeply concerned that we’re killing children all over the world with hardly a second thought, because we’ve become so insensitive to the idea of every time the curtain falls on some forgotten life, it is because we stood by silent and indifferent – it’s normal. I’m quoting from the record now. And unfortunately, it has become normal; we have normalized the death of the innocent.

Waters also said the album had been influenced by having fallen “deeply in love”.

The record is really about love – which is what all of my records have been about, in fact. It’s pondering not just why we are killing the children. It’s also the question of how do we take these moments of love – if we are granted any in our lives – and allow that love to shine on the rest of existence, on others.

Here is the resequenced version of the album featuring eights tracks on side A and B including all four singles and the title track as the opener.

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