Scritti Politti is coming back to Berlin


Green Gartside and his band Scritti Politti is one of my favourite artists of all time. He doesn’t perform live very often and has only released a handful of albums since his debut single in 1978.

I have been lucky to see him three times before in London, New York City and Berlin. His last concert in Berlin was so beautiful, that I actually cried during most of the set. Today, it was announced he is coming back to Berlin as a part of the Wassermusik Festival.


It will be his third concert in the German capital. He first performed here as part of the punk movement at the legendary SO 36 in 1979 and later at the aforementioned concert at HAU in 2012.

I have compiled his last live concert in Tokyo last year as a warm up playlist (omotting ‘Trantavious White’, which is a song I don’t know):

Official videos:

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