A woman protecting a tree for 45 years

Maheshwari has protected this banyan tree for 45 years and has managed to transform it into a magnificent ecosystem. She has dedicated her life to the tree. “Each and every root has my life,” Maheshwari says.

This video is part of our ‘It Happens Only In India’ series and was created by Jayakrishnan Subramanian, Pius Neumaier and Franziska Subramanian.

‘It Happens Only In India’ was a video story contest and a collaboration between Scroll.in and DW (Deutsche Welle). Participants told stories on the theme of India through a visual medium. The project aimed to document different and unique aspects of Indian culture and lifestyle, showcasing interesting stories from all over the country. Anyone was allowed to take part in the competition.

‘The Goddess under the Banyan Tree’ was picked as a finalist in the competition.

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