8 year old Japanese girl turns pro skateboarder!

Sky Brown is an unexpectedly raw skater from Miyazaki, Japan who just became the youngest female to skate in the Vans US Open Pro Series. While not even having reached double digit numbers in terms of age, she shred harder and larger than plenty of people twice, and even three times her age. The youthful athlete has been causing an online stir on YouTube as of lately, with a legion of videos posted showing her — and not to mention her equally gnarly, now 5-year-old little brother Ocean — showing some skilled skateboarding know-how and refined trick execution.

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Little feet flirting with physics, and Breaking the RULES!! 👊🏻👊🏻 Sky doing what she loves most, just dancing with her skateboard again!! THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ..and its Friday.. Roll on the weekend!! Yew!! #tgifriday #equality #sheplayswewin #gamechanger #soulskater #soulsurfer #onlyaskaterknowsthefeeling #itsnotaboutpretty #8yearold #girlisnota4letterword #dwindledistribution #skatelife #skate #skatergirl #almost @almostskateboards @dwindledistribution @girlisnota4letterword @roxy @pridesocks @smithscabs @goprojp #skategirl #transworldskate #metrogrammed #skatecrunch #girlisnota4letterword #almostskateboards #skateboarding #skatergirl #girlpower @tensortrucks @jessupgriptape @vertra #skateboarding @stickybumpswax @super_brand @globebrand @gopro #FUN @hawkersco @indo_board #stoked #shralpin @fpinsoles

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