Paul Schrader on the U.S. Election


Paul Schrader writes on Facebook:

This election has defied predictions to date and I suspect will continue to do so. For me, it comes to to the Owners v. the Owned. Gore Vidal (photo) called them the Owners, the oligarchy which runs the nation. Trump’s followers, like it or not, are the Owned. The Owners do not like Trump. He’s too unpredictable, too unstable, too hard to control.

The owners, at least, allow the illusion of personal freedom.

At some point in the next month the Owners will decide which is better for them: Clinton or Trump. Then they will make their move and it will be most likely be on behalf of Hillary. If she wins the Owners will remain in power. If Trump wins it will be a genuine revolution, albeit as fascist one. I prefer the oligarchy.

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