Great Twitter names that are taken and driving brand managers crazy

Sometimes, I look up a company by typing in their brand name directy after I wanted to mention LEGO in a quote, but found out that they are actually called @LEGO_GROUP. I wanted to ask Slack something, but found our that they are actually called @SlackHQ.

I wonder how much LEGO Group has offered this guy to give up his early bird handle:


I bet this is driving Slack crazy every day:


Danish TelCo TDC must be upset about this account:


And Swedish TelCo giant Telia (maybe it’s time to shorten that name?) has to be furious about this one:


I bet the Danish National Rail company DSB really wants this account:


Or at least this one:


Someone had registered the name @japan in the early days on Twitter. Recently, he gave it to the country of Japan (apparently for free):


How you seen any Twitter brand occupied by private persons? Please leave your tips in the comments.

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