Why Bitcoin should replace the Like button


All the important articles are on Medium these days.

@moritzfelipe writes:

Bitcoin has big potential for changing how value transfer is being done on the internet, it could reinvent it. Value transfer could be woven into almost any interaction on the internet and bitcoin could change our fundamental understanding of how we exchange value.

Technology has made it so much easier for people to create great content and distribute it. Everybody can make high quality music, videos or articles out of her bedroom and share it to the world through the internet.


The suggested combination of the functions of a payment and a like would be a way in this direction. Just like in the real world a purchase could be visible and be a possibility to express. Music distribution might be a good starting point. Music and the purchase of related items like band shirts were always a way to express oneself. A digital record of your tips to artists could be a similar way. With a value layer over the networks, we could build giant decentralized marketplaces for content, content creation will be a lot more valuable and therefore more relevant content will be produced.

Read the full article here.

I blogged pretty much the same thing more than a year ago here.

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