Facebookers now on more than four social networks (and that’s not counting mobile messaging apps)

Whereas the average Facebook user was active on 2.56 social networks back in 2012, they are now using 4.15.


As we’d expect, this trend is impacted extremely heavily by demographics. Interestingly, though, 16-24s are not at the forefront of things here. Although they’re certainly keen multi-networkers – typically having accounts on 6.18 networks and actively using 3.11 of them – they are out-scored by 25-34s (who, on average, are members of 6.40 networks and use 3.36 of them). The reasons? It’s not just that 25-34s remain the most loyal to Facebook (even though that plays its part). It’s also that 25-34s are the most likely to be on professional networks like LinkedIn, whereas 16-24s have embraced mobile messaging tools the most enthusiastically.


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