Dr NakaMats’ three step creativity process


1. Enter a Calm Room

“Step one of the process is to enter a Calm Room. The Calm Room has no nails used in it, no metal things whatsoever. In this room you need to be able to erase all of the bad and old ideas, being in the Calm Room cleans my mind and prepares it for creativity.”

Dr NakaMats’ own Calm Room is said to be tiled with 24 karat gold, it also blocks television and radio waves, which can apparently hinder creative thinking. Once the mind is clear, it is time for stage two of the process.

2. The Dynamic Room

“The next stage is to enter the Dynamic Room. This room is completely sealed off and it is also soundproof, I will enter the room and listen to music which can help with the creative process. The Dynamic Room is dark, with black and white striped walls and special audio-visual equipment.”

Dr NakaMats’ choice of music for the Dynamic Room is always jazz to start with, before moving onto Beethoven’s Fifth – which he believes is good music to reach conclusions to. He has also constructed his own speakers which can reach frequencies of between 12,000 and 40,000 hertz.

3. Go underwater

“One thing I have learnt is that oxygen is the enemy of ideas, so to come up with the best ideas you need to get away from it. By diving underwater and holding your breath you can come up with the best ideas, they will come to you when you are 0.5 seconds away from death.”

To help with the recording of ideas during this time, Dr NakaMats has even invented waterproof paper and pencils, claiming “an idea comes instantly and disappears instantly”.


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