Five Records That Changed My Life

Suicide & Vega, Alan & Rev, Martin

Inspired by an article series written by my friend Henrik Queitsch in a Danish newspaper, I decided to interview myself in the same format.

I have to list 5 records, that somehow changed my life.

T. Rex ‘Metal Guru’ (1972) was my first 7″ single and obviously that changed my life, since it began a life long love affair with music.

In 1977, Suicide changed everything by abandoning the guitar format with a synthesizer and a drum machine.

With Einstürzende Neubauten everything changed again. Music was no longer the same format. It was something completely different. But it was still ‘pop music’. The debut Kollaps came out in 1981.

The Jesus & Mary Chain brought back the traditional format again. The Scottish band made pop music built with noise from standard instruments. Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound met Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

I met Depeche Mode in the eighties, but spent a lot of time with them in the nineties. I have seen them all over Europe, but sadly not in the U.S. Martin Gore still owes me a ticket to a U.S. concert that he lost in a bet with me.

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