The role of experimentation


This blog post has a good segment about the importance of experimentation in contemporary marketing:

For a brand to improve, the first step is to experiment. Having set out some clear objectives that, ideally, can be related to a valuable return on investment, the modus operandi must follow the pattern: Act, (Fail), Learn and Improve.

Because digital marketing speaks directly to the customer and because that customer is impatient and expecting greater transparency, a brand embroiled in internal politics, without a clear voice or sense of direction will inevitably break down if it is not customer centric.

Customer service departments know this only too well. Marketing in its new incarnation must consider customer service an extension of its tools. And, of course, digital marketing must be a part of every marketer’s repertoire.

As we like to say, we’d rather see a company where everyone is 1% community manager, than have a dedicated community manager, 100% responsible for managing the online community.

Once digital marketing is integrated into the fabric of the organization, there is an inevitable process that requires the entire organization to re-organize to channel the right information in real-time to the people who are manning the customer-facing platforms and networks.

Read the full blog post here.

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