10 ideas for Tim Cook from Apple


1. Ignore Wall Street.
2. The next time you want to buy an album for $100 million and give it away for free? Use BitTorrent.
3. If you want to launch a smartphone for payments, make it preloaded with a Bitcoin wallet.
4. If you want to launch an e-watch with health functions, combine it with a $10B donation to cancer research.
5. If you want to present fashion items for the fashionistas, get someone like Rick Owens to design and present.
6. Put some women on the stage.
7. Ask your friends kids what cool music is (and pay the independent artists handsomely for exploiting them in your marketing).
8. Fire the advertising agency. Use the budget for social platforms for young people to come up with ideas for the company.
9. Make a music streaming service that is cheap for the fans, but pay the artists more than handsomely.
10. Step down and join the board instead. Let Matt Mullenweg run the company (and make the new HQ a cancer research center).

Oh, and get a female friend to help you with dresscode for future public presentations. Tuck in the shirt before going on stage. Use proven technology for live streaming that actually works. Like YouTube.

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