WordPress.com changed their admin interface – here is the workaround to the old dashboard


Where you could just go to your Admin bar on the left, select New, and then Post to get to your original Dashboard post Editor… Now it takes you to the new Post Editor, which has so many glitches on it.

But there is a workaround if you don’t want to use the New Interface:

Go to Admin Bar, and click on NEW, it will take you immediately to the Old Post Editor which everyone loves.

The support forums of WordPress.com are abuzz with WordPress.Com users who are hating this new interface and wish they could still access the old editor from their Admin Bar.

And if trying to post wasn’t enough to contend with…. Try editing a post. You you click Edit on a Post and it takes you to the New Interface.

Again, there is a workaround to get to the Old Editor.

Go to your Admin Bar, Click on Dashboard and then All Posts and it will bring up all your posts. Then underneath the post you want to click select EDIT.

It is obvious from the various threads being started that users of WordPress.com Blogs are not happy with these changes.


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