Say hello to my little friend

I have worked in the Internet business and with (digital) communication for 20 years. I have owned numerous servers, workstations, laptops and smartphones. But nothing is as important for me as my Pentel and my Post-it‘s.

They are my most important work tools. I love this pen. I have fancy Mont Blanc’s. I just don’t use them. I prefer this classic Pentel Fine Point R50 ball pen. Made in Japan.

Former Secret Intelligence Service officer Richard Tomlinson alleges that Pentel Rolling Writer rollerball pens were extensively used by agents to produce secret writing (invisible messages) while on missions.

My office is a huge white room in an old apartment building in West Berlin. All the walls are covered with handwritten Post-It notes. Big ones for client and project names and the small, regular ones for ideas and content.

I just found some old advertisements for Pentel in Japan in the early nineties.




And this is what their promo videos on YouTube look like:

I love my little friend.

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