Dreaming of Paris with Paul Schrader


Director and writer Paul Schrader on Facebook right now:

I’m in Paris. I seem to have gone back in time. People here read newspapers in the morning, buy magazines by the armful, dress nicely, go to bookstores and movie theaters and use phone booths. Oh my God, that signpost up ahead! It’s the Twilight Zone!

There is a special screening of The Canyons – the best U.S. movie since American Gigolo or even The Killing of a Chinese Bookie if you count Schrader’s own films out – in Paris today.

Finally got a chance to get out last night. Walked over to the Champs-Élysées. How uncool. Like Times Square or Hollywood Boulevard. Checked out two old haunts, the George V and Hotel Lancaster. Bland, generic and over stuffed. Could be any place in the world. On the other hand, the French women and their scarves–that makes up for a lot.

Read a new article about the legendary filmmaker in The Independent here.

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