I turned on CNN last night…


When I came home from my local jazz club last night, I turned on the news. On CNN, there was a special report about the Sandy Hook, Newport shootings reflecting on the impact of that tragic event one year later.

Incredibly, on the info bar below, there was breaking news about ANOTHER, new school shooting in the U.S. (With a weapon obtained legally!)

It seems the U.S. and the whole world has gone numb with all these killings of children and nobody does anything about it. There is no new legislation, there is no public uproar, nothing happens. Except more killings. UPDATE! The U.S. police does nothing.

It is not only a U.S. problem but a global issue since these mass murders are so extreme and so heavily broadcasted on the news that they are resonating all over the world.

What I think should happen is this:

1. Address the problem as a global matter. The entire world should put pressure on the U.S. to end this horrible mass murder epidemic of school children. It should be moved up on the UN agenda and treated as an international human disaster.

2. Production of handguns should be illegal (there are enough in the world already, we need to destruct most of them!).

3. Sales and marketing of handguns should be illegal (that includes guns in the entertainment industry!). UPDATE! Even Hollywood comedies feature lots of guns.

4. Ownership of guns should be illegal (no, you do not need a gun, you need to get a new perspective in life!).

5. Funds should be set up for the surviving families and friends to heal (and hopefully be strong enough to be spokespersons for gun free societies, non violence and peace in the future).

Hell, even the killers want to ban guns!

This U.S. campaign is quite good. But it is far from enough. Far from it. Do something. Now.

UPDATE! Powerful ‘Lockdown’ PSA Marks a Grim Statistic: Nearly 100 School Shootings Since Newtown. The new reality in American classrooms.

UPDATE! New anti gun campaign by Grey:

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