Yoko Ono about Lou Reed


The last time I saw Lou was when we did a show together in New York to raise money for the victims of the Fukushima disaster. Lou’s song was full of anger. I couldn’t help asking why. Lou just smiled a warm smile. I will never forget that smile.

Lou will always be in our New York hearts, making us proud of him and the city.

He was talented, handsome, and sexy. He was respected and loved by us all.

He met his soul mate princess later in his life, and it was obvious that he loved her deeply.

What a lucky guy he was to find Laurie, to whom my heart goes out now.

With love, Yoko.

Yoko Ono & Lou Reed photo courtesy of Yoko Ono ©2011 Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. At the benefit concert event YOKO ONO & FRIENDS TO JAPAN WITH LOVE. http://imaginepeace.com/archives/14255 + http://imaginepeace.com/archives/20004.

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