Blindfolded test Google versus Bing: which is the best search engine?


By Max Hujigen

Comparing search engines is not easy as the results will differ depending on the exact search query, the applied personalization and localization etc. Making an independent judgement is even more difficult when you already have a preference. Even the lay-out of the results will influence you as the most used is the most comfortable one.

This site offers a blindfolded test where you choose the best answers before you get to see which engine delivered these.

The site is old and unfortunately the Yahoo results no longer work but as a comparison between Google and Bing it’s still fine. It might be a good idea to come up with a new site comparing more search engines like DuckDuckGo, Hakia, Blekko and others.

The results surprised me. Bing scored much better than I expected. Try for instance ‘NSA mathematics’ or even better come up with your own search terms. The Bing image search is actually so good compared to Google’s that I consider defaulting to Microsoft for all image searches.

Try it out for yourself. Do the results surprise you?

[Republished from Max Hujigen on Google+]

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