Hashtagging on Facebook


Zuck did not like hashtags. So while we were happily hashtagging along on Twitter,
Google+, Tumblr et al, Facebook was a no fly zone. Some of us hashtagged on Facebook anyway,
knowing that sooner or later the supergeek would cave in to user pressure. Now,
our stubborn status messages have been activated and are part of the current catalogue.
Our hashtags are back from the dead. Night of the living dead.

However, if you are new to hashtagging, here are 10 tips on how to deal with them:

1. Only use hashtags if you want to redirect traffic – it is not an “effect”
2. Use collapsed, real words like #worldpeace – not nonsense like #icouldntcareless
3. Be consistent with your hashtags – you are building a collective catalogue
4. Check your spelling before hitting POST
5. Use language appendix when you are not writing in English: #facebookdk
6. Use one to six hashtags tops – more than that will make your post look geeky
7. Use the same hashtags on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Facebook and elsewhere
8. Click your own hashtags regularly to see where the hell they are going
9. Introduce new brilliant hashtags to the world – like #tipwaitersmore
10. Create movements by banding together around activism hashtags

Have fun hash tagging, y’all!

Power to the people.

Hashtags explained (vertical: friends, horizontal: interests):


[Illustration via Thomas Bigum]

3 thoughts

  1. synes det er sjovt at det der står på billedet står på dansk når det er en engelsksproget hjemmeside

    think it’s funny that what is in the picture is in Danish when it is an English-language website

  2. I merely cannot leave your website before implying that which i basically beloved the typical information somebody source on your company? Will probably be just as before persistently to be able to check new threads

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