The two Martin Gore songs on Delta Machine

As usual, two tracks on the new Depeche Mode album are sung by primary songwriter Martin Gore. This had been a tradition on practically all the Depeche Mode albums. On the regular album version of Delta Machine, he does lead vocals on the song The Child Inside. Oh the bonus album, he is the lead singer on the additional track Always.

There is darkness and death in your eyes
What have you got buried inside
The shallow grave in your soul
The ghosts there have taken control

You really should have dug a little deeper there
Body parts are starting to appear and scare
the child inside away

Each tear that flows down your face
trickles then picks up the pace
And turns to a river inside
A river that will not subside

I can hear that dreadful overflowing sound
Watching from afar I see a child is drowned
The child inside your heart

I can see you drifting away
Heading for the light
I can see you drifting away
Every night

Why were you always inside
on days when the weather was fine
And while we were running around
you were nowhere to be found

You know you should have taken all your dolls to bed
But you were made to play games with your soul instead
The child inside
you died


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