Blogging from IFA 2012

West Berlin, September 5, 2012–Samsung is the undisputed king of electronics. At this years IFA 2012 – one of the world’s biggest electronic fairs in the German capital – there was Samsung and then there were the rest of them. On the right hand side you entered a Korean blue and white world with enough electronics and innovative products to host a fair of their own. On the left hand side and in the back you had all the others. Samsung overshadowed everybody with their overwhelming and impressive array of products and services. Leading up to the main entrance, there were Samsung flags, Samsung product displays and huge outdoor ads. Outside, in the middle of the gigantic exhibition space, Samsung had constructed an entire pavillon dedicated to tech bloggers.

However, the IFA 2012 had one big buzzword: LTE. And surprisingly, Samsung did not have an LTE phone on display at all.

Personally, I was very interested to see what Lenovo had to offer (sadly, I was very disappointed, more about that later) along with the former king of electronics Sony (who gave a positive feeling of a possible comeback).

I will blog about my impressions and reflections of the fair in the coming days in a series of blog posts with these working headlines:

  • The screens of content marketing
  • Chinese businesswomen in electronics
  • Social TV
  • Digital cameras with social geo location
  • What does LTE mean for social media?
  • The form factor of the future
  • Samsung creates entire pavillon for bloggers
  • Brands you thought were dead and gone

Luxury brands like Apple and Bang & Olufsen do not participate in fairs like these. But at the Toshiba stand there were new televisions designed by Danish designer Jacob Jensen who has previously designed a lot of products for B&O. And at the Vodafone exhibition area there was a lonely iPhone on a table surrounded by popular new LTE enabled Asian smartphones.

Incredibly, it was the only iPhone I saw all day.

All my photos are taken with a Google Nexus phone (produced by Samsung).

I was not invited by anyone. I payed for my own entrance ticket (€15).

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