How to use social media after Google+

My hero from Madrid, the brilliant mind Martin Varsavsky, writes about languages and the various social media vehicles on his blog here. Based on the instant success of Google+, he presents this approach for using social media as means of expression, interaction and socializing:

1. Google+ is the new Facebook. It is the primary channel for sharing ideas and thoughts. The new network will be used for global connections and in English only.

2. Facebook slimmed down to only family and close friends. The old network will be used more intimately (“for love and emotions”) and in your own languages. Other conversations will move to Google+.

3. Twitter for sharing and learning about information. Conversations will move to Google+.

4. Quora for elaborate thoughts and answer service. (This could eventually also move to Google+).

5. Tumblr for re-blogging material or as a personal notepad to sketch ideas. (This could eventually also move to Google+).

6. Personal blog for expanding ideas and thoughts and collecting the personal web portfolio.

Several other high profile bloggers are considering moving their blogs entirely to Google+ for more real time and more dynamics in the comments.

But remember that social networks come and go (Friendster, MySpace, Facebook) but your blog and/or your web site will “always” be there.

You can kill any social service and go in and out of them as you like, but keep your blog as your solid starting point for your social presence on the web.

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