Interview with Henrik Vibskov

NIKA: Are you a designer or artist first?

VIBSKOV: I would say I’m a musician first, actually. I started playing music when I was 10—I’ve been playing the drums for 28 years now! Then I started designing about 17 years ago, went to school, set up a proper business about 10 years ago—our anniversary coming up. But I’ve played music throughout and still am. I should be on tour in the US right now with Trentemøller as their drummer—but I became a dad.

NIKA: Does Trentemøller’s style reflect your own musical palette?

VIBSKOV: Well, if you know his music, you know it’s very electronic and programmed, almost rave-y. I love sequencing and programming, and I’m drawn to drum ‘n’ bass music. I love James Murphy’s productions—and hey, he wears my socks! But the other musical project I’m doing is radically different. I’m working with a poetry-based performance group called “Vi Sidder Bare Her” [translated: “Just Kind of Sitting Around”], with whom I’m doing a Scandi tour in May and June. Basically, my musical life is split between raving with drugged-up kids and reading obscure 75-year-old poetry, drinking very nice red wine with aged, graying men. [laughs]

NIKA: You missed Coachella to open your NYC boutique. Are you fan of Denmark’s own Roskilde, and musical festivals in general?

VIBSKOV: Of course. I love Pukkelpop, Lowlands, and Glastonbury. But Roskilde is great—it’s one of the things Danes try to be proud of. Actually, I usually try to set up a clothing pop-up shop at the festival every year. Working out how to do it this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up on stage, too!

Read the full interview here.

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