YouTube Scam Promotion

Sometimes, YouTube is a sheer goldmine and sometimes it is a chaotic garbagecan. Often, sleazy users publish trailers to lure people to clicking on to illegal download sites or what could be worse. Today, I was tricked into clicking a video clip, which I thought was a preview for the upcoming Kanye West single (he just tweeted the record cover, and I wanted to hear what it sounded like).

However, it was not a Kanye West song. It was a new artist promoting his music with a scam (or perhaps a friend or a fan, who knows). At first, I was appalled. But the music kept playing. And it sounded good. Listen to this harmonica-driven hip hop track from Montreal-based ‘Bad News Brown’, who is forgiven for cheating me.

Here is the same video with real titles:

And here is another track by the same artist:

You can visit Bad News Brown on MySpace here.

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