Around The World In 140 Characters

  1. The French burqa ban considered a factor in official government warning from the US to avoid crowded places in the EU! less than 10 seconds ago via CoTweet
  2. Big election day this Sunday. Not only Latvia and Bosnia, but also in Brazil, where Silva’s 8-year rule begins its end. 8 minutes ago via CoTweet
  3. Bosnians divided ahead of Sunday’s election not only by political views, ties to EU, but also historic ethnic divisions 14 minutes ago via CoTweet
  4. In Latvia, president Valdis Zatlers seems likely to name Valdis Dombrovski prime minister again after Sunday’s election about 1 hour ago via CoTweet
  5. Nigeria and President Goodluck Jonathan celebrates 50 years of independence in an oil-rich nation of chaos and terror. about 1 hour ago via CoTweet
  6. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela enlist bloggers and social media hipsters in effort to control new media about 4 hours ago via CoTweet
  7. Iran has sentenced the controversial blogger Hossein Derakhshan to 19½ years in prison for “insulting sanctities” #iran about 5 hours ago via CoTweet
  8. In Denmark, young immigrants, working as delivery boys, are helping the Danish elderly, running erands at no extra charge about 6 hours ago via CoTweet
  9. Whoa! China basically buys Greece, address the Greek parliament, move on to EU-summit in Brussels. Next: buying Spain? about 7 hours ago via CoTweet
  10. There are no calls for terrorism in the recent Osama Bin Laden tape messages. There are, however, humanitarian appeals. about 17 hours ago via CoTweet

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