Blog wrap-up of this weekend’s tweets

  1. Spain has a hangover after an epic fiesta, a period Spaniards now refer to as the “cuando pensábamos que éramos ricos”. 4 minutes ago via CoTweet
  2. Germany’s foreign minister gets married in Bonn [photo]. In Neukölln, Berlin, people are also integrating. about 1 hour ago via CoTweet
  3. In Sweden the moderate blue alliance leads by 49,2% against the red-green coalition with 42,8%. The Nationalists? 5,9%! about 2 hours ago via CoTweet
  4. Most people still get their World War II history from Hollywood movies. The web will eventually change that #pacificwar about 3 hours ago via CoTweet
  5. In Argentina overall GNP growth is 11,8%. In the suburbs of Buenos Aires the ‘black economy’ rose to from 36% to 39,4%! about 3 hours ago via CoTweet
  6. Egyptian blogger reveals that an influential, state-run newspaper published an altered photograph of Egypt’s president. about 6 hours ago via CoTweet
  7. Library of Congress in the US will now archive all Twitter material. British Library considers preserving social media. about 7 hours ago via CoTweet
  8. Cuba, having laid off 500,000 workers, is betting that the private sector, the small-business operators will save Cuba. about 7 hours ago via CoTweet
  9. The future of the world will be designed by bloggers. The blogosphere is the ultimate democracy. Take a look at #China about 7 hours ago via CoTweet
  10. #Blackberry still strong in a market dominated by iPhone and Android. Will there be room for Windows, Symbian and Palm? about 8 hours ago via CoTweet
  11. Tyler Brûlé/FT: Welcome to Washington DC’s Dulles Airport on a Sunday afternoon. Welcome to hell. Welcome to Brand USA. about 8 hours ago via CoTweet

Thanks to Martin Varsavsky for inspirational tweets.

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