Wall Street is ruining Twitter


While Facebook seems unstoppable in the social space and Google+ struggles with a chaotic strategy, Twitter feels the pressure of quarterly reports and Wall Street analysts breathing down their neck.

Google is making tons of money, so they can take their time finetuning their social flagship. Twitter, however, is under immense pressure from the markets.

Founder Jack Dorsey is back as interim CEO and is expected to do a Steve Jobs turnaround for the company. It seems he wants to introduce algorithms instead of chronological flows (bad thing) and introduce human editors (good thing). The problem is their business model.

Twitter is an advertising platform like Facebook. But they don’t have the number of users to outperform Facebook. What they do have are millions of professional users.

They should introduce a premium subscription model with added features including a (very) low priced version for small businesses.

Their ad model should also be no-nonsense like Facebook, where individuals and small companies easily can run media campaigns on par with large organizations with media budgets.

Also, Vine and Periscope should be “de-mystified” and crawl out of the geek world into the mainstream space. They should be taking on Instagram and Snapchat. Head on.

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools on the Internet today and should be able to run a profitable business as a stand alone company.

But they are a treat for tech giants like Apple and Microsoft, that are loaded with cash, but have no presence in the social media world.

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Google+ and YouTube are splitting up


The social media world has been waiting for news about the future of Google+ for some time now. Many professionals expected an update at this years Google I/O, but that conference took place without a word about Google+. They did, however, launch Google Photos, a successful Google+ component, that now stands on its own.

But two days ago, Bradley Horowitz, the new head of Google SPS (Streams, Photos and Sharing) blogged about the future of Google+ (in a blog post named after a Radiohead song – press play below and listen to the song while you read this blog article) along with a twin blog posting from sister operation YouTube.

When I use Facebook, I don’t want to visit one destination for my stream, another for photos and yet another for video. It’s all in the same place. I wanted to have the same experience with Google as I blogged about earlier here. However, Google have decided to do it the other way around. Photos is now a stand-alone service. Google+ and YouTube are now officially divorcing. You will have to go to three destinations for your stream, photos and video.

A new feature called Google Collections has quietly been added to Google+ and it seems that the social network will now focus on taking on Pinterest rather than Facebook.

The most important news for many users will be the fact that you no longer need a forced Google+ account for other Google services. You can just use your standard e-mail credentials for Photos, YouTube, Gmail, etc. The Google+ log-in is reserved for Google+ only.

The biggest problem for Google+ is the bad press, where both mainstream media and the trade press keeps posting sensationalist stories about the fate of the network. Google+ is a top 3 social network, that is very popular among its users. This article tries to deal with that: Google+ Is Alive and Well Despite Persistent Media Reports.

I still think they should rename the network and call it Plus.com (the domain is available) and offer cool vanity URLs like http://www.plus.com/ronnierocket.

Look at these Facebook Groups numbers!


Facebook just reported financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2015. Their quarterly revenue is now more than 4 billion dollars and they are set to surpass more than 10 billion dollars in annual revenue. Practically all their income comes from advertising. They don’t sell any products or services. You can read all the numbers in the investor news release here. (They do not post news on Twitter, Google+ (no presence at all) or Tumblr).

Mark Zuckerberg rarely comments on the financials, but prefers to focus on “the community” and the numbers around the users on the 3-4 platforms and the engagement including the darling internet.org project. Incidentally, they partner with Opera Software from Norway on the connect-the-world vision, but when will they buy them?

Obviously, the numbers are huge and Facebook is sitting on three of the Internet’s hottest properties with Facebook including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

When you look at the numbers it is also obvious that the three killer apps on Facebook are Messenger, Events and Groups. Especially the latter is the “secret weapon” and one of the most beloved components in the Facebook universe (even though it still lacks threaded comments and the mobile app is unstable). Facebook Pages less so. Updating Groups and making Pages more transparent seems to be the two areas, where the user experience and business development can be improved.

Facebook Video is where the action seems to be these days and Menlo Park seems to be taking on San Bruno.

In an effort to win over video market from YouTube, they have launched Final Judgment, a daily TV Show by The Young Turks.

Facebook is not a community in the traditional sense of the word. Facebook is the world’s leading advertising platform. Just to make things clear.

Independent record labels are cool power brands with additional business potential

In the coming years, we will see independent record labels branch out into unexpected ventures using the cool brand factor of the business to expand operations.

I am working on a couple of projects myself, that I will delve more into on the blog later this year.

When the indies gang up, the become even more powerful. Like in this label fair in Berlin.


The Facebook event is here.

Google App is a killer app


I never really met anyone who actually uses Siri, but I recently found myself using the Google App more and more. Why? Because it’s awesome. This morning, I asked my phone to translate something for me in Japanese. I got a perfect answer with a beautiful Japanese female voice.

“Who are you?”, I asked.

“Who Are You” is a song by The Who was the prompt answer from a typically very service minded U.S. voice.

“Please play “Who Are You” by The Who”, I continued.

“Do you want SoundCloud or YouTube?”, she asked giving me a list of streaming choices.

I now listen to the classic The Who, that got new life from a U.S. detective series some years ago.

Amazing technology.

Here are the latest ads from Japan:

Denmark is bicycles and LEGO, right? This guy just merged the concepts!


Here is a brilliant crowdfunding project.

BLINKENBIKE is Danish designed balance bike that takes the concept of a balance bike to a higher level of learning. It is not only a balance bike but an entire system. With their bare hands and with the use of the included tools and assembly knobs, kids from just 18 month can construct and design a balance bike of their own liking, by using purchased- or homemade cardboard accessories – creativity is the only limitation.

Read more and/or support the project on Kickstarter here.