Here’s how to get the new Google+ NOW


1. Go to Settings.
2. Under Manage other apps & activity, click “Manage Google+ activity”.
3. Then click on the search bar.
4. The page will refresh – WELCOME TO THE NEW GOOGLE+.

More on the new Google+:

Big day in the social media world. #googleplus #socialmedia #signaldigital

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A little bit of Copenhagen in Berlin

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This is probably the best idea for Berlin that I have heard since moving here about five years ago.

A bike lane under the U-Bahn stretch.

Make this happen now, German people.

Don’t turn it into another airport or Fehmarn scandal.

Do it now!

A curious thing about this project is that it connects me directly with my old friend from Copenhagen by linking  Charlottenburg with Friedrichshain, where we live respecitively!


Read more about the project here.

Here is the planned route:


You’re probably a big fan of Mad Men, but did you know that it was already made in 1969?



Screen legends Kirk Douglas (“Spartacus,” “Is Paris Burning?”) and Academy Award-winner Faye Dunaway (“Network,” “Chinatown”) headline in this high-pitched story of a successful executive who is forced to confront the realities of his complicated life. Academy Award-winning director Elia Kazan (“A Streetcar Named Desire,” “On the Waterfront”) brings his own best-selling novel to life.

The Arrangement is a 1967 novel by Elia Kazan, narrated by a successful Greek-American advertising executive and magazine writer living in an affluent Los Angeles suburb who suffers a nervous breakdown due to the stress of the way in which he has lived his life – the “arrangement” of the title. In 1969 Kazan made it into a film. The Arrangement was a best-seller and garnered generally favorable reviews but it has been out of print since 1980s.

Rediscovering a Charles Mingus album originally recorded for a soundtrack and thinking about what the movie would be like


In 1976, Charles Mingus recorded the soundtrack for the Italian movie Todo Modo. At the end, the director Elio Petri chose to play it safe with a(nother) Ennio Morricone soundtrack. In 1977, Atlantic Records released the record as a stand alone Mingus album.

Here is a trailer for the movie:

Listen to the Mingus album here:

It made me think: what if you wrote a movie based on the music instead of the other way around? There is so much creativity and power in this music. Images and scenes keep popping up dancing in your head. The music is sometimes a bit similar in theme as Gato Barbieri’s classic soundtrack to Last Tango in Paris recorded five years earlier.

I am thinking a more surrealistic version of the classic Bertolucci movie set in Italy. Imagine Last Tango in Paris directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini! Now, there is a movie I want to see.

Any scriptwriters out there?

Advertising is dead. Long live content marketing. And great music. And France.


Content marketing is changing advertising from something we don’t want to something that we do want. It’s a revolution in the communications industry. An important part of content marketing is music marketing. Air France has been doing it for years. And they are doing a great job. Here is the latest song from their supercool music channel.

I went straight to and bought a ticket for Paris.

This is how advertising should be.

I know I just blogged about this a few days ago, but I am really excited about this.

Brilliant Bluetooth Stereo Hack from Bang & Olufsen


Bang & Olufsen is on a roll these days. Earlier this week, they released the ultimatve loudspeaker that will make people invest in good sound instead of cars (incidentally, they recently sold their car-fi division).

Now, they make the already superfunky Bluetooth speakers from their cool brand Beoplay become full fledged stereo speakers. No cables, ultra portable, huge sound!

Here are the ‘hacks’ for the smash hit A2 and the cute Beolit 15.