A ball pit for adults just opened in London


The British design studio Pearlfisher has created a ball pit as an art installation in London. Yes, that’s right: A ball pit. For adults.

The immersive art installation “Jump In!” is open for free to the public. For every person who shows up, Pearlfisher will donate £1 to Right to Play, a global charity that combats the effects of poverty and conflict by teaching children sports and games.

Five Records That Changed My Life

Suicide & Vega, Alan & Rev, Martin

Inspired by an article series written by my friend Henrik Queitsch in a Danish newspaper, I decided to interview myself in the same format.

I have to list 5 records, that somehow changed my life.

T. Rex ‘Metal Guru’ (1972) was my first 7″ single and obviously that changed my life, since it began a life long love affair with music.

In 1977, Suicide changed everything by abandoning the guitar format with a synthesizer and a drum machine.

With Einstürzende Neubauten everything changed again. Music was no longer the same format. It was something completely different. But it was still ‘pop music’. The debut Kollaps came out in 1981.

The Jesus & Mary Chain brought back the traditional format again. The Scottish band made pop music built with noise from standard instruments. Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound met Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

I met Depeche Mode in the eighties, but spent a lot of time with them in the nineties. I have seen them all over Europe, but sadly not in the U.S. Martin Gore still owes me a ticket to a U.S. concert that he lost in a bet with me.

I just bought a new turntable



Rega is to release a limited edition of its Award-winning RP1 turntable to help mark Record Store Day – the annual celebration of vinyl records that’s taking place on Saturday 18th April this year.

It forms part of the company’s sponsorship of Record Store Day, now into its ninth year. In addition to producing the special RP1, Rega is also promoting the event through its 75 UK partner stores.

The limited edition turntable – complete with Rega carbon cartridge – is already being advertised for pre-order with a price tag of £250. However, only 500 of the record players will be produced.

Rega’s limited edition RP1 carries Record Store Day branding, although features are the same as the original – a RB101 tonearm, its plug-and-play design and the Phenolic resin flywheel effect.

It’s not the first time that Rega has taken part in Record Store Day in such a way, having produced a limited edition RP1 in partnership with independent label Rough Trade back in 2010.

Record Store Day is organised by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) in the UK – last year’s successful event saw more than 270 exclusive album and 340 single vinyl releases.

16-24s lead on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr

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Global Web Index data from their brand new GWI Social report to show that Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram were the fastest growing social networks in 2014. Today, they posted an infographic about the active usage on these three platforms by age.

In an e-mail, they write:

Clearly, 16-24s are at the very forefront of their growth – and it must be particularly telling that this group’s active usage of Facebook was down by 11% across 2014. It’s not that they’re leaving Facebook in any serious numbers, though, it’s just that many activities which used to take place on Facebook itself have now migrated elsewhere.One consequence of this is that Facebook will be looking for new ideas, and new audience types, to maintain momentum and keep investors/headline writers happy. Enter services like Facebook at Work as well as its new offering for Tor users – both of which represent ways to increase engagement among existing audiences (LinkedIn’s age profile is extremely similar to Facebook’s, for example). We can expect to see more announcements like this throughout 2015.