“I think the things you want to live a comfortable life could get much, much, much cheaper”

In a new interview with FT, Larry Page expects us to work less, have cheaper homes and cheaper goods. About housing: Collapsing house prices could be another part of this equation. Even more than technology, he puts this down to policy changes needed to make land more readily available for construction. Rather than exceeding $1m, […]

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Apple buys Facebook

As crazy as it may sound to some people, this headline will probably be in the news before we know it. Both companies are making a ton of money by themselves, but they actually need each other to survive. Apple needs a social platform. Facebook needs users that truly love them. And the combined company […]

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This is one of the most important tweets this year

This tweet by the Paris based Russian software developer Oleg Andreev resonated with me immediately. In just one tweet, Oleg manages to address new technology, revolutionary payment systems, the peace movement, police violence, state control, censorship, the breakdown of conventional capitalism, the sixties, hallucinatory drugs and putting it all in a mindblowing historic and futuristic […]

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The problem with Netflix

We just got Netflix in Germany. It’s like Spotify for movies. The frontpages are the same. Mainstream pop. I tried to dig deeper to see what the service has to offer. In order to do this, I conducted a search for 10 favourite directors. Here are the results. First, I searched for the Italian director […]

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